Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I don't feel like I want to tie myself to any sort of midweek crafting check-in, but I also don't feel like I have a whole lot to post in the way of "homesteading" right now.  As the next couple months go by and we start to thaw out up here, I can think of many a thing to post about.  But for now, I'm knitting.

I'm still working away at Asher's birthday sweater.  (His birthday was 1/18, and admittedly, I didn't start it til after.)  I tend to be somewhat of a practical knitter.  Well.  I guess I would say, semi-practical.  I don't buy the cheapest of cheap yarns (which, probably would wear out sooner anyway) and I ogle over, but don't really buy the pricier yarns.  (But I do so daydream about it.)  So then, while selecting a yarn for Asher's birthday sweater - color choice must be practical as well- I chose gray.  Gray gray gray.  Neutral.  Hides stains.  Manly.  Boring.

I'm seriously craving some color!  And I'm thinking of doing some dying.  I've done it once before - with koolaid - and it came out great, but I'm thinking of using something else this time.  Have you dyed yarn?  What's your method of choice?