Thursday, February 6, 2014

good mornings

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Some mornings, I wake up with my husband.  Before the sun, and before the children.  I'm able to send him off to work with a lunch I've lovingly packed and a mug of hot coffee in his hand.  Then I sit in the still, dark living room and fill myself with the Word before I'm needed to pour into two little hearts.

But most mornings, I don't even notice as Ben slips out of our bed quietly so as not to wake the baby laying cross-ways between us and makes his own lunch and coffee.  I'm usually woken up by someone climbing on top of my head and sometimes it makes me grumpy.  Sometimes it makes me grumpy to have little people needing things from me before I've even poured my coffee, let alone read my Bible.

I'm going to be striving for that first scenario.  It can be hard to drag myself out of a warm bed when I don't even feel like I've slept yet.  But I think it's worth it.  I know it's worth it.

I want to talk about the way my Jesus blesses me.  I could write a million different blog posts for all the ways we've been provided for.  And hopefully I will sit down and type out some of those stories.  Some of the ways have been BIG.  Like, oh-my-goodness-are-you-serious kind of blessings.  Other ones aren't quite so shocking, but don't make me feel any less loved by Him.  He gives good gifts.

I like pretty things.  Things you don't necessarily need, but oh, don't they look lovely?  Like blue egg trays.

A friend got ahold of me the other day and was like, "This is random but, my husband hates this thing and always takes our eggs out of it.  I thought you might like it.  Do you want it?" (Not her actual words, but you get the picture.)  And that made me feel really special.  And I did want it.  And I had had a really rough week.  And it reminded me that Jesus loves me and wants to give me good gifts.  Like pretty things.

The eggs pictured are from my aunt and uncle's backyard ducks.  I've been working on Ben for awhile on the chicken front.  He's beginning to give in. ;]  And now, with a blue egg tray, I think we need chickens.  Or ducks.  Or both.  My question to you, especially New Englanders, is, what breed(s) do you have or recommend?  Got a coop?  Free-range?  We'd love to hear your tips and suggestions as we make plans for our very own backyard foul. =]


  1. Hello (: love your blog here... we have had chickens for almost 2 years (: we have a coop which my husband made, and it has a pen around it with a pitched metal roof and wire walls. There is a ramp under the raised coop so they can go in and out freely and the roof over the whole thing prevents it from getting really wet and soggy! We hav e had a few type of chickens but our favorite brees (which we still have 3 of) are red stars. They are a hearty winter breed and lay big brown eggs pretty regularly. We let them out In our yard only when we are out and mostly in warmer weather... because we live Intown and our yard is not fenced. I hav e the same blue egg tray you have!! Good luck on your possible future endeavor with chickens

  2. This is a beautiful post. I want to have chickens one day. When we have more land. And a bigger house. But little bit by little bit I'm learning to be content with what I have. :)

  3. We first purchased Rhode Island Reds, but last year we got Silver Laced Wynodettes and "Easter Eggers". We have heard from other people that Rhodes can get a little "pecky" on each other. when they get stressed which has been our experience (we had opossum troubles). My husband suggests getting meat birds and not bother with eggs. Our chickens are kept in a large fenced in area. I would suggest against getting ducks unless you are prepared for a big mess when they are ducklings!

  4. There is a lady right down the road from you (1st house on the right after the little bridge who raises chickens for eggs and meat. She is very knowledgeable and might give you some advice. She raises all her chickens organically and they are by far the best eggs I have ever had. She has a Facebook page, grumpy's organic farm. I have her number also if you would like it. You should definitely get you have 2 cute little egg collectors :)