Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Spring is finally here.  It was a long long winter here in Maine, and I'm so happy to have a yard free of snow, even if it is covered in sticks and rocks that need to be cleaned up.

I've been quiet on the blog, I guess because I didn't have much to say in the way of homesteading.  We enjoyed our first season of Maple syrup making, even though it was a short and odd one.  We were able to freeze about 2 gallons of syrup, which will hopefully last our family through til next season.  (We really like syrup, k??) ;]

Right as we decided our syrup season needed to come to a close, we bought ourselves 8 chicks.  4 Tetra Tints and 4 Rhode Island Reds.  They're getting big and mischievous!  I'm so excited for them to start laying, which will probably be the end of summer.  I'm also hoping they'll earn their keep by eating lots of ticks from the yard!

What are you doing now that the ground is thawing out?